How to Choose the Best Kind Crochet Yarn?


Crocheting is one of the most popular hobbies in the United States today. Over 10 million people are engaged in crocheting these days. Crocheting is one of the most satisfying hobbies you will find.

To create a garment from a ball of yarn or crochet thread is one of the most exquisite reasons why many people are enticed to try crocheting. The colors, the quality, and the way they create the frame of your masterpiece are the ultimate purpose of the crochet thread.

Today, there are numerous types of crochet yarn. The permutations are endless, and each type brings new and interesting variations.

So wide is the choice, that sometimes it can be difficult to be sure which the best thread is for a particular purpose. Many people who are into crochet probably have no idea what many crochet threads are made from.

As a beginner, one cannot simply tell from the appearance or the texture of the thread. This is because manufacturers seem reluctant to reveal this by clearly stating the content sold to the consumers, which can be helpful when deciding what to buy.

Here are some tips that you must know in order to identify the best kind of crochet thread for your project: 

  1. Know the different types of crochet thread.the Best Crochet Yarn
  2. One of the most frequently used crochet thread is cotton. The reason for this preference is because cotton lasts for many, many years and is easy to wash.
  3. Synthetic crochet threads are frequently used because of luster, but nothing more than that. They too are easy to wash but should be dried flat rather than hanging. This prevents them from losing their shape.
  4. Many crocheters today also use wool and strips of fabric.
  5. The word “ply” in the yarn label, this refers to the amount of the strands entwined together to materialize the yarn.
  6. Always start with a “beginner’s thread” when you are just starting to crochet – an easy smooth crochet cotton.
  7. Many beginners start with a bigger thread size until they are confident in their use of needles and crochet patterns.
  8. As you improve in confidence advance to the next level, try to use some of the finer types. This will enhance your skill.
  9. Using a finer thread will give your work an impression of a refined finished product because of its feebleness.
  10. When buying crochet thread, it is always important to have an extra ball of thread as depending on the tension of your work you may require a little more thread than the pattern required. If using colored yarns this is especially important because if required to purchase another ball the dye lot may not be the same. This is not as important when using white yarn.
  11. Purchasing a cheaper quality of crochet thread may not always be advisable. This will depend on the garment being crocheted and the use of such garment or product.

Therefore, the next time you go to your local crochet shop, be careful when choosing the thread. Keep in mind that the crochet thread is the major part of your work. The quality of your finished article will depend on the quality of the thread used.